Weekend Round Up

Boho with a preppy edge or preppy with a touch of boho? Pretty sure I’ve been living all of May in some variation of each of these pieces. You never know what you’ll need to wear to a wedding shower, graduation party, or birthday celebration!
Weekend Round Up

Rain? Time for Rain Boots

Cheating a little bit… These pictures were taken before I chopped all my hair off. I don’t think I realized just how much was cut until I went to post this. Absolutely loving the new length and color!


P.S. Thank goodness for durable Hunter’s. I swear those things have gotten me through the fall and then the winter and now the spring.

Invest In Your Hair, It Is The Crown You Never Take Off

Back to the blondest of blonde balayages and I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out. It makes summer just that much more fun.


May Reading List

May Reads

#GirlBoss: After just finishing the Netflix series…. This is obviously the first priority to finish reading. AND because I can’t write anything about this book without including another quote from Amoruso because she’s AWESOME, “Dive headfirst into things without being too attached to the results.” There ya go.

The Beautiful & Damned: I’m absolutely obsessed with Fitzgerald, the “wonderboy of the twenties,” as he was so dubbed. There’s something about the midwest values that quietly manifest themselves in his big city dreams.

$100 StartUp: Ok, so first, Christ Guillebeau has a really amazing blog. Second, you absolutely need to check out this post here. It answers that big question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Inside of placing your focus in one area… It shows the benefits of exploring many and really dives into how we can become more innovative. I’ve also been trying to understand what makes people well-rounded and diverse in all sorts of different life aspects. It was fascinating to read that those individuals with infinite interests and professions “had all designed lives that provided them with three common elements: money, meaning, and variety—in the amounts that were right for them.” Just read the post.

Keep Your Roots Local


I grew up in Cincinnati. 17 years later and I still hadn’t wandered down to Findlay Market. Every other thing that you’re supposed to cross off your hometown bucket list was complete. Sometimes it takes a trip back home and a weekend as a tourist to see a city in a completely different light. I’ll save that hometown rant for another day… 🙂

The 5 F’s of Life

Including a few of my favorite quick reads this week.



Why You Feel Like Your Astrological Sign Doesn’t Describe You

(Coolest thing ever!!! It rounds out your sign)

The Year of Hygge and the only way to figure out how much hygge is actually in your life.


Everything You Need for Mother’s Day

And for when you need gift inspiration go here and here and here.


5 Types of Friends That Everyone Should Have


16 Things Your Successful Friends Have Given Up

We Should Try to Get Unexpected Meetings, We Should Try to Find Unexpected Insights


The Best Kentucky Derby Hats of All Time

A travel guide because I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Savannah.