May Reading List

May Reads

#GirlBoss: After just finishing the Netflix series…. This is obviously the first priority to finish reading. AND because I can’t write anything about this book without including another quote from Amoruso because she’s AWESOME, “Dive headfirst into things without being too attached to the results.” There ya go.

The Beautiful & Damned: I’m absolutely obsessed with Fitzgerald, the “wonderboy of the twenties,” as he was so dubbed. There’s something about the midwest values that quietly manifest themselves in his big city dreams.

$100 StartUp: Ok, so first, Christ Guillebeau has a really amazing blog. Second, you absolutely need to check out this post here. It answers that big question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Inside of placing your focus in one area… It shows the benefits of exploring many and really dives into how we can become more innovative. I’ve also been trying to understand what makes people well-rounded and diverse in all sorts of different life aspects. It was fascinating to read that those individuals with infinite interests and professions “had all designed lives that provided them with three common elements: money, meaning, and variety—in the amounts that were right for them.” Just read the post.

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