Golden Gate in the Golden State


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This shirt is one of my absolute favorites and I couldn’t re-find the store I purchased it from if you paid me. Aimless walking landed me in a random neighborhood lined with some awesome boutiques and vintage shops. Now I just need to figure out how to retrace my steps and get back to where this came from.


Seas Life’s Moments


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I spent my college years city-living. Not that I realized it at the time but even a mid-size city is far different from life in the ‘burbs… Especially when those suburbs are closer to Amish country than they are Skyscrapers. Long story short, there are sounds and smells and little city quirks that I had forgotten about the past 11 months. Tiny little things so near and dear to my heart… endless boutique coffee shops with rich aromas drifting out onto the streets on morning walks to work, standing on a street corner listening to languages from all over the world blending together while waiting for the stoplight to change, and the never ending skyscraper jungle my office looks out onto.

The only thing I can’t say I’m fully adjusted to is the weather. I’m not used to a mild 60 degrees in the middle of August. Still trying to figure out how to layer for warm afternoons and chilly evenings.


&& we back.

Mostly. My little piece of the internet has been on hold for the past few weeks. I swear I did try to give it some TLC but got a little caught up in a bunch of other things.

Here are the cliff notes. Back in June, on a Friday morning to be exact, I walked into the office and my fairy god-boss granted the only wish I’ve had since the age of 12. A 10 minute conversation ended in a relocation opportunity to California and a booked flight the following Monday. I had a stupid grin plastered on my face the rest of the day and to be honest, it still hasn’t gone away.

The past 6 weeks have looked a little bit like this… San Francisco, Cleveland, Savannah, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Cleveland, San Francisco, Cleveland, Savannah, Chicago, San Francisco. See the reason for blog neglect?

I also thought that, ya know, like, I would have picked up some life skills. Packing… that went really well. I spent a solid 35 minutes trying to unscrew my bed frame. Metal bars are falling on my legs scraping them up and the mattress I had precariously leaning against the wall tipped the opposite direction back onto my head. Lefty loosey, righty tighty, people!

IMG_8287^ Pretty much my face the entire time I was packing

Luckily, there are some awesome places to explore on the west coast. As soon as I get semi-organized (mainly find a photog/think through blog post ideas/unpack my entire life/attempt to put my bed back together) I’m hoping to turn this place into a more creative space. Here’s to the back half of 2K17!