Seas Life’s Moments


Dress| Jean Jacket (Both on sale)

I spent my college years city-living. Not that I realized it at the time but even a mid-size city is far different from life in the ‘burbs… Especially when those suburbs are closer to Amish country than they are Skyscrapers. Long story short, there are sounds and smells and little city quirks that I had forgotten about the past 11 months. Tiny little things so near and dear to my heart… endless boutique coffee shops with rich aromas drifting out onto the streets on morning walks to work, standing on a street corner listening to languages from all over the world blending together while waiting for the stoplight to change, and the never ending skyscraper jungle my office looks out onto.

The only thing I can’t say I’m fully adjusted to is the weather. I’m not used to a mild 60 degrees in the middle of August. Still trying to figure out how to layer for warm afternoons and chilly evenings.


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