She Has Inner Resources

IMG_7944IMG_7946IMG_7941Goofing around turned a little bit high fashion… LMAO (not a model over here)IMG_7951

Right next to the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Museum (Where these photos were shot) is another art museum hidden under the guise of a boutique hotel. Housed in this hotel is the most phenomenal restaurant with the absolute best rooftop bar and cocktails to match. If you haven’t been, 21C should be the next stop on your list. Don’t be surprised if you end up dining with a yellow penguin and be sure to order a drink… or two.

Speaking of hotels, I have a little bit of an obsession with the book Eloise. Town & Country literally just published an article providing more backstory to Kay Thompson’s mischievous six-year-old Plaza resident. I laughed when I read that the book was originally intended for adults because I think I love, love, LOVE it more now than I did as a kid.

Deep Space


Number 1. This shirt is from Express but last summer Express. Fortunately for you, this one exists at half the price.

Numero dos. I have this thing for art museums. Specifically the contemporary ones. ESPECIALLY when they name the exhibits “Deep Space” and explicitly tell you to sit under a lot of brightly colored glass and think about why you’re brain cells are moving so quickly in this environment as opposed to the other indoor environments that can sometimes drain the energy out of you.

End goal: To inspire creativity.

It worked.