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I grew up in Cincinnati. 17 years later and I still hadn’t wandered down to Findlay Market. Every other thing that you’re supposed to cross off your hometown bucket list was complete. Sometimes it takes a trip back home and a weekend as a tourist to see a city in a completely different light. I’ll save that hometown rant for another day… 🙂

Never make fun of someone who mispronounced a word…


…It means they learned it by reading.

When I was in grade school, we had a read-a-thon, and, naturally, being the nerdy kid that I was, I absolutely had to win the most amount of minutes read. That also meant that I spent an absurd amount of time actually reading. No other kid is going to want to spend 1000 minutes reading in a given month. Except for me.

Throw some Harry Potter my direction, gimme a straw and an ice cold A&W Cream Soda and my fourth grade self was pretty much in heaven.

I’d like to tell you not much has changed, but time sure has a way of flying by and half-read books sit on my shelf, namely, the newest Harry Potter.


Taco Tuesday



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Not featured: Tacos

For dinner? Probably tacos.

Things I learned today:

Healthiest Fast Food? Taco Bell

Also. I had a post written and then it posted and then I reflected and then I was like…


Totally didn’t convey that idea well at all.

Blogging is hard.

P/C: Jake Ufkes